Water-Energy Nexus Conference 2017 - Los Angeles

Water consumption and energy generation are inextricably related. Recent factors such as Hurricane Sandy, the nationwide drought of 2012, and the rise of hydraulic fracking have drawn attention to the growing scarcity of adequate water resources for energy generation. This Water-Energy Nexus is becoming more exacerbated by other longer-term trends, including U.S. population growth and shifting participation patters due to ongoing climate change. Joint action across industry stakeholders is needed in order to drive water-energy efficiencies and optimize the nexus for future generations.

water-energy nexus
The Water-Energy Nexus Conference, February 28-March 1, 2017 in Los Angeles zeros in on the challenges facing water-energy efficiency programs, technology advances that can help drive efficiencies and cost savings, and successful case studies of joint water-energy optimization initiatives. The event is unique in that it brings together startups, investors, business strategists, regulators, energy companies, water companies and technology innovators for two days of networking and sharing of insights into maximizing one of the most precious resources of our time. Topics to be addressed include:
  • Identifying benefits and overcoming barriers for joint water-energy efficiency programs
  • Successful pilots and programs: lessons learned and future initiatives
  • Developing partnerships between energy and water utilities
  • Obtaining and utilizing reliable data to quantify water-energy cost savings
  • Developing regulations, codes and standards that optimize water-energy efficiencies
  • Technology advances for driving water-energy efficiencies
  • Understanding the nature and importance of the water-energy nexus
  • Current rulemakings, regulatory trends, standards and codes impacting the water-energy nexus
  • The utility business case for implementing improved water-energy efficiency programs
  • Recent water-energy efficiency programs: what has worked, what has not
  • And more

Conference Objectives

water-energy nexus
  Help establish relationships between joint water-energy efficiency project partners

  Develop strategies for overcoming barriers to water-energy efficiency initiatives

  Enable commercial & industrial end users to realize cost savings from water-energy optimization technologies and best practices

  Identify successful projects and case studies to date, as well as opportunities going forward

  Help stakeholders understand the nature of the water-energy nexus, its impact on business, future trends, and opportunities for optimizing efficiencies and costs

Who Should Attend?

  • Electric, water, and gas utility executives
  • Commercial and industrial end user energy managers
  • Water regulators and policy makers
  • Water technology vendors and developers
  • Energy management professionals
  • Project managers and entrepreneurs
  • Renewable energy companies
  • University researchers and thought leaders
  • Finance and investment professionals

Don't miss this opportunity to network with industry peers and technology leaders at the cutting edge of the water-energy nexus

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